In the winter of 2012/13 Paul Coles had an idea that Rawcliffe village would benefit from having a French Boules court on the village green. The reasoning behind it was, besides being an asset for the village, it would benefit people of all ages and physical abilities, enabling villagers to get some outdoor exercise and meet socially on a regular basis. A public meeting was called at the Gospel Hall and over twenty people registered an interest.

The Rawcliffe Petanque Club was formed in April 2013, and began to play on grass in the western section of the village green near the old pump.

Paul attended a Parish Council meeting to propose that a boules terraine should be laid out on the green. Initially the council were enthusiastic but after some months deliberation decided that if permission was given to build on the Green, it might set a precedent for other sporting clubs to request the same.

A search for another village location revealed that public open aspect land between the Green and Manor Fields Estate was owned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Following extensive communications, the Sport and Development department of ERYC became involved. The Estates department was also consulted on the best way to move forward with the project. Eventually grants were awarded from the Sport and Development dept, estimates for the work obtained, and the club was registered with ERVAS.

Just when everything seemed to be settled it was found that planning permission was required.

Initially the planning office set an extensive list of requirements, but a timely intervention by Cllr John Barrett led to these being surmounted and planning permission was granted in the summer of 2015.

A lease was drawn up between ERYC and Rawcliffe Petanque Club and work was started by Richard Eastwood’s company and completed a week later.

On August 29th 2015, in the presence of a crowd of Rawcliffe residents, the terraine was officially opened by Mrs Kath Royston, who had given the club a donation at its formation and had followed the progress with keen interest. Also attending the opening day were Andrew Percy MP; ERYC councillors John Barrett and Caroline Fox; Adam Toes representing ERYC’s Sport and Development team.

To date there are over 20 people playing on the site at least once a week.